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Maori language education resources online

The games in the Kei a wai? series of educational resources for Māori language are the highest quality language learning materials available. Other teaching resources developed and produced by the REO team to the same Kei a wai? quality standard include:

Te Ara Hauora – The Healthy Pathway. This is a sophisticated road safety resource designed for use in kōhanga reo. It was developed for Auckland Healthcare Services with the sponsorship of the Health Funding Authority, Auckland City Council and the Land Transport Safety Authority. Te Ara Hauora aims to both improve road safety awareness for Māori children – to make them 'better equipped to negotiate the pathways and roadways of their communities in a safe manner’ – and to teach, consolidate and expand their skills in te reo. Te Ara Hauora is great fun. It incorporates fantastic characters (including Mōkai – a hand-puppet guardian/tutor), opening karakia (prayers), specially written road safety waiata (songs), posters, stickers, certificates, supplementary art activities and oodles of stimulation for young people as they learn good behaviours on and around roads and streets.

Kei a Wai? – Health and Safety. While this resource is now, in revised form, an integrated part of the Kei a Wai? series, it was originally developed for the then North Health Authority for use in kōhanga reo, Kura Kaupapa and some early childhood education centres in Tamaki Makarau and Tai Taukerau. The aim was, and remains, to teach and reinforce sound health and safety behaviours in young people in the areas of Hygiene, Nutrition, Safety in the Home, Exercise, Protection Outdoors, Injury and Sickness, Road Safety and Mental Health. It specifically aims to teach and encourage children to be active, helpful, healthy, safe, wise, clean, careful and caring. This is a very popular resource, but of all the resources it remains the one most used by groups with some basic level of te reo already established.

Te Reo Workshops. The REO team has developed language tutorials for teachers which they tailor to the needs of particular audiences. Aimed foremost at Playcentre staff, but adapted for primary and secondary teachers, the tutorials have been a hit. They are run by two dynamic presenters and introduce ‘tools for teachers’ including introductory vocabulary, pronunciation practice, waiata for the classroom, simple games and points of culture. These tutorials are carried out for koha (ie payment is voluntary and at a level of the learning group’s choosing).

NEW! The REO team is about to launch the latest extension to its Kei a Wai? series. The name of the game is Ahua Tinana (Parts of the Body). The aim of the game is to:

  • Extend vocabulary to include parts of the body (27 key words)
  • Consolidate language lessons from previous versions of Kei a Wai?
  • Introduce more grammar and simple sentence structures
  • Consolidate pronunciation
  • Practice dialogue
  • Develop social skills in co-ordinated group activities, and
  • Develop visual discrimination and ‘matching skills’

… but the tamariki won’t know that!!! To them, the game will just be great fun!!!

Keep a watch on this website for more details on this upcoming resource.