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Have you say!

We want to know what you think!!! We want to think what you know!!!

We in the REO team have made a practice of working closely with the teachers, kaiako and parents who are looking for effective new Māori language resources. The real expertise lies in those who are constantly engaged with the tamariki and who are intimate with the needs of the learners and the ‘tricks of the trade’. It’s you guys out there in dedicated learning places like kōhanga, schools and homes that know what learners find most challenging in te reo, how easy (or not!) resources are to use and what techniques seem to work the best.

We really want you to influence the way we think. So, if you have any criticisms about the resources, any good ideas, any suggestions about particular stuff that needs more teacher support, or any general comments, please drop us a line.

You can do that by emailing us Otherwise, you can simply talk to any
of us on the phone through ‘contact us